Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

Josh and I had a lot of fun getting ready for Griffin's Angry Birds party!  I worked on party favors---Angry Bird ornaments---while Josh designed & built an incredible Angry Birds game, complete with a working sling shot!  
I really had no idea what Josh had planned, because he worked on it in stages and I only saw the smaller parts to it.
Josh painted all of the pieces of the structure, then assembled it all the night before the party.
Sooo, when I saw it all set up I was completely shocked!!  We had the party at our church to accommodate  a large group and also the giant game (:  I wasn't expecting anything like this!
Griffin was amazed, and just sooo excited about the whole thing!  He  tried to be patient all month as he watched four of his cousins and his baby brother have their birthdays before him.  Needless to say, he was VERY ready for his party day!! 
We also rented a bouncy house off Craigslist, which turned out to be a big hit!
Alan, John, Eli, Griffin, & Marcus checking out the cake. (:
I decorated the cake with a little coaching from Becca on how to use DQ's air brush kit. (;
Happy Birthday, Griffin!!  We are so glad you were born five years ago!!  You are such a  Joy !
Ronan & Ethan
Lindsey, Becca, Sydney & Jumi, me, & Kelly
Tate knew who to go to for a bite of cake (:
My cousin Eleanor, Aunt Robin, Becca, Grandpa Stoerman, Tate, Memaw, me, Erik, Katrina, & Papa
It was really special to have Erik here from Seattle and the Neals & Grandpa down from Portland!  (That's one perk to having a birthday around Thanksgiving...we tend to have extra family in town!)  Thanks, Amy, for thinking to take this picture!  Such a special memory (:
Uncle Aaron was working that day, but got to come over on his lunch break!  
Time for Presents!
This was the first party that Griffin got to invite friends in addition to his eleven cousins! (:  
Griffin got lots of fun thing...Legos, Hot Wheels tracks,  cool clothes, & Power Rangers!
Erik, Josh, & Amy
Dylan's turn!
Marcus was really into the game!
Elle & Tate
Grandpa even took a turn!
Amy did a little photo shoot for us:
Tate was getting a little angry (;
The big 5 year old!
Back at home...(:

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