Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ruddick Family Thanksgiving

It's a tradition to do a craft on Thanksgiving, and this year Josh's mom & Amy brought materials to make cute tree ornaments.
Ethan's tree
Auntie Erin & Tate
These sweet cousins love to help out with Tate. (:
(Our beautiful nieces!)
Tate got to try out the special high chair/table--I can't remember the story behind it, but I think it's been around awhile (;
Now that the cousins are getting older we often find them off in another room playing quietly...or reading, drawing, & writing. (;
Our family
(Photo taken by Amy)
Time to Eat!
My contribution: Apple & Sweet Potato (& yam) Gratin
Tate really liked the yams!
Auntie Erin helped the kids make these yummy turkeys (:
Grammie's helper

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