Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ethan & Macey!

 Ethan and Macey celebrated their 5th Birthdays at Chuck E Cheese on November 13th, their actual Birthday!  It was a fun party--our boys LOVE going to Chuck E Cheese, and since we don't go there very often it's a pretty special treat!  Ethan and Macey were surrounded by lots of cousins, family, & friends...what a blessing!  
Happy Birthday, Ethan & Macey!  We love you BOTH very much--you are each so sweet, creative, and fun to be around. (:
(Disclaimer:  I forgot to bring my camera to the party, so these pictures came from Josh's phone...)  
Amy made a princess castle cake for Macey, and superhero cupcakes for Ethan. (:  Good job, Amy!!
Cedar & Finn
Happy Birthday, Ethan and Macey!!

Sweet Birthday Boy (:
Ethan was very excited about his presents!
Poor Macey. ):  As the party went on, Macey started feeling sick.  She didn't feel like eating a piece of her castle cake.
She got lots of cuddle time with Gramma Green while  Jon helped open her presents.
We got Ethan an Iron Man transformer toy.
Dylan checking out one of Ethan's new toys.
Griffin & Grandpa playing a racing game together.

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